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April 22, 2019
Periods--There's An App for That

One of the biggest milestones of your daughter’s life is her first period. Perhaps you mothers remember the way that your mom told you about that event as it neared in your own life. It seemed like such a mystery, didn’t it? A bit confusing, and certainly a lifestyle change for carefree kids!  Someone has […]

September 18, 2018
The Glories of Getting Dirty

A recent National Geographic article made a startling statement:  Today’s kids spend less time outside than does the average prisoner. Wow. (But it’s not just kids—the article cites a recent study that says adults spend 93% of their time indoors, too.)  Paul Bogard, author of The Ground Beneath Us, says kids should be much more […]

March 19, 2018
Let Us Know What You Think

We are going to use Tuesdays to learn from you.  Please respond to our polls and help us learn ways to be more helpful to parents.

May 1, 2019
The Transition To Middle School

None of us likes enforced transitions, which is especially true of many kids who feel like they’re comfortable with elementary school’s setup of a single teacher, room, and a static group classmates in elementary school. Suddenly they’re contemplating forgetting their locker combinations, being on time to individual classes, and of course the new culture of […]

March 28, 2018
Blue Light and Your Child's Health

It’s an enduring social image of our age:  Groups of kids who sit beside each other or at round tables, not making eye contact with humans but only with the screens they hold.  There’s no conversation.  Only the silent movement of fingers and the glow of blue light. While this has great implications for your […]

April 20, 2019
Remembering Columbine

From Dr. Latayne C. Scott On the anniversary of Columbine, I remember the mother of one of my middle-school students telling her that he knew that Dr. Scott really cared about him. It was the day after we had active-shooter staff training, and we were doing drills to show students how to hide, run, fight. […]

May 6, 2019
What if a Teen You Know is Considering Suicide?

One myth that persists is that if someone is considering taking his or her life and talks about it, that engaging that person in conversation will increase the probability of suicide. That’s simply not true, says Dr. Gregory Plemmons, author of a new study on teens and suicide. In fact, a parent can help prevent […]

July 12, 2019
The Dangers of Old Tires

If you can’t empty an old tire and it is stored or dumped outside, it will fill with water and leaves, stay warm and become the ideal mosquito incubator.

Since 1992, Dr. Robinson has worked in a variety counseling positions. She is also a popular author and speaker on topics ranging from childhood development and sexuality, teen issues, family dynamics including caring for elderly relatives, and church resources for families.

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