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A recent study found a practical way to reduce depression in teenagers focuses on one truth: People can change.

During the teenage years, especially in transitional times such as the passage from middle school to high school, kids often feel left out (not enough attention or popularity) or the objects of too much attention (bullying and ostracism.)  Bad situations seem permanent, and unpleasant people seem like they will never change.

Is your teenager feeling despair, and showing early symptoms of depression such as withdrawal?

Let him or her take this beta survey that emphasizes that the researchers want input from teenagers. While taking the survey, the student will:

  • Learn that the brain can be changed and thus people and their behaviors can change
  • Hear from other teenagers about how knowing this can help
  • Give feedback in the form of advice to other students about what they have learned.

Try it out to see what it’s all about!  Check the survey first – it doesn’t take long– then have your student participate in the chatty, informal, and low-pressure discussion.

Can such a short and painless experience result in any real changes for your kid?  This study says it can—so what have you got to lose?